How are Greenfield Natural Meat Co.® products different?

Greenfield Natural Meat Co.® meat products are made from animals that raised without any antibiotics or hormones – ever. Our animals are fed 100% vegetable grain and are raised on Canadian farms. All of our pigs are raised in open pens where they can freely move around, sleep and socialize with other animals.

An animal health program is developed for each animal that supports their wellbeing, health and rapid diagnosis and treatment in the event of illness. This includes vaccination protocols, accurate record keeping, and training for everyone who handle animals. It covers how to introduce new arrivals to the herd, how to treat sick or injured animals, and how to humanely euthanize animals if needed. Veterinarians have a key role in helping producers to meet these requirements.

All of our animals are checked and monitored daily by trained barn staff to ensure our pigs are healthy and free of any injuries. Specialized internal auditors conduct weekly and monthly animal welfare audits. Any issues are immediately followed up on. All barns that supply our animals are audited annually by an independent auditor. We only work with farmers who adhere to all the requirements of the highest standard in Canada – the Animal Care Assessment of the National Farm Animal Care Council.

What does raised without antibiotics mean?

Greenfield Meat Co.® meat products are made from animals raised without any antibiotics – ever! Our producers follow standards of care that allow them to raise healthy animals without the need for the routine use of antibiotics. This includes a customized, highly nutritious feed formulation that promotes natural immunity, rigorous animal husbandry and barn management practices to control for the spread of disease, and continuous monitoring of herd health. If an animal gets sick and requires an antibiotic, they are treated with antibiotics as prescribed by a veterinarian and removed from our program.


All of our pigs are raised in open pens where they can freely move around, sleep and socialize with other animals. We keep animals within their same group through their lifetime to support natural behaviour, socializing and to minimize aggression. We are converting our breeding sows to open housing as well, and we plan to fully complete this transition by the end of 2021. We are also adding enrichment to all our pens to provide stimulation and reduce boredom among these intelligent animals.

Our barns are clean and temperature controlled. They are thoroughly washed, disinfected and dried between each batch of pigs so that every new group of animals has a warm dry environment when they enter the barn. Temperature and ventilation settings are carefully set to match the requirements of each growth stage. Barn environments are monitored daily to ensure that conditions are not altered by external temperatures or weather. Alarm systems protect the barn from sudden changes that could result from power outages or equipment failure. If these events occur, backup generators maintain a constant environment for the animals.


Gestation crate free is a type of housing system for sows (pregnant pigs) and can also be referred to as advanced open sow housing. In this housing system, our sows spend the entirety of their pregnancy in an open pen system, meaning they are free to roam, play and socialize.


No matter the area of our business, we are avoiding activities that generate a lot of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Once we’ve made efforts to avoid, reduce, or replace where we can, we offset our remaining emissions.


We’ve decided to partner with Greencircle Certified, an independent third-party company to audit all our claims and facilities because We believe in transparency & integrity. learn more about our certification.


All of our animals have ready access to fresh drinking water at all times. They are fed a customized diet of 100% vegetarian feed made from wholesome grains. Each animal is fed a balanced diet based on their stage in life and nutrition requirements. In many of our barns, electronic feeders allow each animal the option to eat what they want and when they want, up to a daily maximum. Just like people, they have different eating styles and preferences.

What does sustainable mean?

We take our environmental impact very seriously. For us, sustainable meat means producing products in a way that measurably reduces our energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, impacts on water quality and quantity, and waste. We have actions underway in each of these areas to reduce our impact. We also know that meat production leaves an environmental footprint and that levels of North American meat consumption are not sustainable globally. So sustainable meat also means eating meat in moderation as part of a balanced diet.


While the majority of our products are gluten free, there are some exceptions. please refer to our products for more information.

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