humanely raised

our commitment to animal wellness

Greenfield Natural Meat Co. is rooted in strong values that deeply define our culture and have a very direct relationship to how we treat the animals we raise. Raising our animals humanely is at the core of who we are. We strive to be a leader in animal care by advocating and sharing knowledge that elevates practices and regulations across the industry. We are incredibly proud of the commitment we’ve made to enhancing our animal wellness practices and work hard to continue making improvements to the wellbeing of our animals.

what does humanely raised mean?

Humanely raised means our animals are treated compassionately and responsibly by our farmers and employees. Our practice is built on and exceeds a food safety and animal care program known as the Canadian Quality Assurance® and Animal Care Assessment.


  • All of our pigs are raised in open pens where they can freely move around, sleep and socialize with other animals.
  • We keep animals within their same group through their lifetime to support natural behaviour, socializing and to minimize aggression.
  • We have added enrichment to all our pens to provide stimulation and reduce boredom among these intelligent animals.
  • Our barns are clean and temperature controlled. They are thoroughly washed, disinfected and dried between each batch of pigs so that every new group of animals have a warm, dry environment when they enter the barn.
  • Temperature and ventilation settings ae carefully set to math the requirements of each growth stage. Barn environments are monitored daily to ensure conditions are not altered by external temperatures or weather.
  • Alarm systems protect the barn from sudden changes that could results from power outages or equipment failure. If these events occur, backup generators maintain a constant environment for the animals.

Our Animal
Care Golden Rules

In addition to the Five Animal Freedoms, which are a widely accepted global standard for responsible animal care, we’ve also instituted our Animal Care Golden Rules that go above and beyond the Five Animal Freedoms and requires our teams and suppliers to provide the utmost care for animals:

#1 Readily accessible, appropriate and sufficient food & water

Provide a nutritionally balanced diet, in a clean and accessible area to promote good health and welfare.

sufficient water

#2 Veterinary care to maintain good health, prevent disease & treat injury

Ensure regular veterinary consultations to separate sick or injured animals and provide treatment.

good health

#3 Humane handling of animals

Respect week or fatigued animals and only load those that are fit for transport.

human handling of animals

#4 Provide an environment with shelter and protection that supports natural behaviour

Implement living environments that offer animals enough space for movement and exercise, and are protected from extreme temperatures.

shelter and protection

#5 A workplace culture that values open dialogue, personal accountability and leading standards of animal care

Ensure all personnel in contact with animals receives specific animal welfare training and yearly recertification.

workplace culture with leading standards of animal care