Greenfield Products

We are changing how meat is made.

Greenfield Natural Meat Co.® meat products are made from meat sourced from animals raised without any hormones or antibiotics. Our products contain nothing artificial and use only the best cuts of meat.

  • All of our animals are raised on Canadian farms and are vegetable grain fed.
  • We are advancing the highest standard of animal care, including open housing, enrichment, humane transportation and processing, and advancing a culture of animal care, accountability and transparency.
  • We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint by 50% by 2025. This includes reducing our impact on climate change (energy and emissions), water and land.

About Our Products

Products start with a simple philosophy: we exist to make a better world by making meat right.

That’s why Greenfield Natural Meat Co.® meat products are from animals that are raised a more natural way, without any antibiotics, hormones or anything artificial whatsoever. This meat is from animals that are vegetable grain fed and are Humanely Raised. Our operations are based in Landmark, Manitoba and all of our animals are raised on Canadian Farms.

This goal is what we’re all about. So even though we’re tremendously proud of the product we’ve created, we’re always looking for ways to make even more progress along the way.

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