We all deserve meat made right, which is why Greenfield Natural Meat Co. goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure our animals are raised in a more natural way. We are advancing the highest standards of animal care and sustainable practices to ensure we can provide better food, better care for our animals, better communities and above all, a better planet.

raised with no antibiotics

Greenfield Natural Meat Co. products are made from animals raised without the use of antibiotics – ever!

humanely raised

We strive to be a leader in animal care by advocating and sharing knowledge that elevates practices and regulations across the industry.

gestation crate free

We are committed to humanely raising our animals – which is why we are now gestation crate free, meaning we use an open-pen system for our sows during their gestation phase.

proudly Carbon neutral

We have been carbon neutral since 2019 and are committed to reducing our footprint by 50% by 2025.

greenCircle certified

We work with GreenCircle Certified, an independent third-party, that audits all of our claims to ensure our standards never settle.

no artificial ingredients

Our meat never contains artificial ingredients.

no added hormones

Our animals are never given hormones – just like all pork & turkey.

vegetable grain fed

Our animals receive a customized diet of 100% vegetarian feed. Each animal is fed a balanced diet based on their life stage and nutritional requirements.

raised on canadian farms

All of our animals are raised on Canadian farms, where the climate and geography provide ideal conditions to support good animal health & wellbeing.